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What Is the Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy?


The Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy is a new one of a kind type 2 diabetes info product. It helps type 2 diabetics to lower their blood sugar levels and to reverse their symptoms… all thanks to the unique bedtime tea recipe revealed inside the manual they download.


Who Buys the Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy?

This offer converts like crazy for men and women over 40 who want to reverse their type 2 diabetes symptoms… especially if they’ve tried other diabetic diets, supplements and workout plans but haven’t gotten any results. Then they discover the Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy and they love how easily it helps them lower their blood sugar levels.

Demographics who this offer appeals to may be interested in:

  • Weight loss
  • Male health
  • Aging and pain
  • Natural health
  • Senior health

3 Reasons You Should Promote The Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy

Reason 1

VSL is crushing it. Our pro movie actor VSL is incredibly convincing. We are constantly testing and optimizing for you.

The offer gets a super-high conversion rate of 3-6% on the front end…and a compelling funnel to add more value to your overall commissions.

Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy has a super-low refund rate for an info product.

Reason 2

It’s ideal for Facebook volume and email traffic... and gives you $4.35 EPCs, an AOV of $75, and default commissions of 75% (if you can send high volume we’ll gladly bump that up — just email us).

Reason 3

Plus, it’s brought to you by 7 year ClickBank Platinum cold traffic masters… a team that knows how to create high-converting offers on both cold traffic and email.

When I heard the EPC and AOV for Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy, I was converting I was blown away. They’ll match anything else out there. So promote this with confidence, it’s a great offer.

Jamie Lynch

ClickBank Funnel Optimization Specialist


How to get started:

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  3. Insert your own tracking reference following the TID= value (optional)

The Clickbank ID is dsdia

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Facebook Ad Resources


Facebook is a great source of traffic for targeting those who could be interested in solutions for lowering their blood sugar.

However, there are a few things you must know before you get started.

The first thing is that there’s a lot of good, targeted traffic on Facebook — you just have to stay away from non-compliant terms. Here’s how to stay on the right side of Facebook’s advertising terms:

  • Use a landing page or quiz in between the ad and the offer
  • Have links to your privacy policy, terms of service and contact pages on your site (Facebook require this)
  • Avoid terms such as “diabetes type 2”, “diabetes remedy”, "weight loss" or anything promising to fix or “cure” diabetes or high blood sugar
  • Choose terms such as “balance blood sugar”, "type 2", “sugar levels”, “unusual bedtime tea” and “stabilize erratic sugar levels” or similar
  • Try focusing on curbing hunger, and getting rid of cravings for blood sugar balance. Send quality traffic to our page and let us do the converting for you.
  • You can choose a landing page made by us that doesn’t have exit popups or autoplay (see affiliate links section above)
  • If you need a specific landing page configured a certain way and we don’t have it, get in touch with us and ask if it can be done

If you really want to become successful at Facebook Ads check out Commission Hero and get the edge over the others on FB.

Need help on Facebook’s guidelines to know what’s acceptable in your ads? Go here.

To keep your account compliant and in good standing with Facebook, we also recommend youstay clear of any weight loss claims in your headlines (and ad copy), and especially do not say you are "curing" or "fixing" diabetes type 2.

Turn on Dynamic Creative on your Ad Set and try FB compliant headlines below. Avoid headlines with the word "Trick" in it and other words this Facebook article describes.

Facebook Ad Headline Options

  • Unusual Bedtime “Type 2” Tea
  • Balance Blood Sugar
  • This is One Way to Balance Blood Sugar
  • Balance Erratic Blood Sugar
  • Unusual Bedtime Tea Helps to Balance Blood Sugar
  • Drinking This Delicious Bedtime “Type 2” Tea Gave Me Astonishing Results
  • Weird Bedtime Tea Helps Stabilize Erratic Blood Sugar
  • This Nighttime “Type 2” Tea Helped Me to Stabilize My Erratic Blood Sugar
  • I Balanced My Blood Sugar Thanks to This Unusual Bedtime Tea
  • I Drink This Before Bed to Help Balance Sugar Levels
  • My Doctor Couldn’t Believe My Blood Sugar Readings After Using This

Commission Structure

With Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy, you get:

  • $4.35 EPCs
  • $75 AOV
  • 75% instant commissions (if you’re able to send a consistent high volume of sales, we’ll gladly bump your commission. Email us for details by clicking here)

Affiliates Please Note

If you need any help or have any questions, please email us:

  • Do not spam in anyway
  • Do not advertise your own bonuses or anything additional of your own.
  • Do not claim to represent Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy.
  • Do not advertise incorrect pricing.
  • Do not direct link to any order form.
  • Anyone found doing this will be blacklisted immediately.